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Social Media Video Production London.

Full-service social media video content production company

Social Media Video Production Specialists

Social media moves fast and it's become increasingly critical for brands to stay up to date with the latest video and digital trends. Effective engagement is a sweet science and something we've taken great care to master as we've developed our social media video production services.

With clients such as Meta, Lucozade Sports, and King, social media video content is at the very core of our offerings.

Our social videos have racked up millions of views and driven incredible levels of impactful engagement for our clients. What could our video production company achieve for you?



Social Media Video Production

Social media video content is a science. Beautifully crafted films are not enough. They need to captivate a viewer within seconds, grab their attention and stop them from scrolling past with indifference.

As the world of social media video production is constantly growing, businesses must strive to create engaging, high-quality content for their target audiences. To produce the best results, working with a team of professionals with the skills and experience necessary to ensure your videos are successful is vital.


Our effective social media video production service can take your content from concept to completion and provide you with a quality product that will help capture viewers' attention. The Film Farmers know precisely how to create stand-out videos that are guaranteed to wow your audience and drive up your engagement.

You can rest assured that we know what we are talking about.

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Social Media Video London
Social Media Videographer


Social Media Video Services

Social media moves fast. We move faster.

We don't just create social video content. We produce meticulously crafted, effective video campaigns across all social media platforms. Better still, we do it with passion and a genuine desire to help brands forge meaningful connections with their customers. ​We strive to stay ahead of the game, we specialise in shooting, editing, and delivering cutting-edge, shareable videos with performance marketing at the core. Whether on-location social edits or a next-day turnaround, our in-house editors will ensure your social media posts are delivered ahead of time and look incredible.

If you are searching for a social media video production company to help maximise your ROI and increase awareness and sales, you have come to the right place. Get in touch today for amazing Stories, Reels, Feed Posts, TikToks, and more.

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A New Kind Of

Social Media Video Production Company

We don't just create social films, we produce meticulously crafted video campaigns that are effective across all digital platforms. Better still, we do it with real passion and a genuine desire to help brands forge meaningful connections with their customers.

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Social Media Video Agency
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