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Corporate Video Production London

Corporate Video

Corporate video absolutely do not have to be the same grey and boring films we've all seen so many times. The Film Farmer take the time to get to know your brand, to craft a story that connects audiences and build captivating video that keeps them watching. 

Corporate Video Production Company

At the Film Farmers, we believe that corporate videos can be so much more than just dry, impersonal communication. We approach every corporate video project with the same creativity and attention to detail that we bring to all our other projects from branded content  to social media videos and more. Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand values, or highlight your company’s achievements, our in-house creative and videography team are here to help.

Corporate Filming Services London
The corporate videos we produce are designed to showcase the unique personality and values of each individual client we work with, delivering key messages in a clear and engaging way while always focusing on the main deliverables the individual brand wants to showcase. If you want something simple and informative, we can do that. If you want something fun but factual we can also do that. Whether it’s a product launch, company profile or internal communications from one department to another, our team has the skills to create videos that stand out and resonate with your intended audience. 

One example of our work is for Suntory, a leading Japanese beverage and distillery company. We produced a series of videos for their brand Ribena, spending a wonderful day filming at Hill Fruit Farm in Norfolk. The video demonstrates Ribena's commitment to biodiversity, the team working in the blackcurrant fields and their shared love for environmentally sustainable agricultural farming practices.


We used a drone to capture stunning aerial shots to showcase the beauty and scale of the farm, and were also able to climb aboard the big farming machinery to get up close and personal with the details of how the operation works.

Corporate Video Agency London
Corporate Video Production
We also interviewed the Hill Fruit Farm team, again highlighting their passion for sustainable farming practices. Ribena were keen to emphasise their efforts to help minimise the use of pesticides and fertilisers in farming, showing their commitment to preserving the natural ecosystem and minimising the impact of their products on the environment. We also included footage of the farm’s irrigation system, which is designed to conserve water and reduce waste.
Ribena: Hill Fruit Farm

Ribena: Hill Fruit Farm

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Corporate Video
Production London

Our collaboration with Ribena was a great success. The corporate videos we produced helped increase brand awareness and showcased the company's values and ethos.


If you are looking to create corporate videos that truly represent your brand and connect with your target audience, give us a shout! Our team of producers, creatives, videographers and editors are here to help you with each step of the way.

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