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Crowd Funding Videos

Effective, attention grabbing crowdfunding videos are essential for any businesses looking to raise funds for their product. But, successful crowdfunding campaigns have to be more than just raising funds - they have to tell a compelling story and truly engaging a community of potential financial backers.

Video Services

The Film Farmers team has experience in creating crowdfunding videos that capture the essence of a campaign and inspire people to take action. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and develop a strategy that best supports their fundraising goals.

Flare Case Study
Crowdfunding Video Filmmaker
Flare Audio is a UK based audio engineering company that specialises in high performance earbuds and headphones. We created a crowdfunding video for their incredible line of new earphones, known as EARS.
The video not only showcased the amazing features of EARS but also provided a personal insight into the evolution of the company and the founder's journey. This was critical for building a connection with the audience.
Better yet, we were also able to include some celebrity endorsements of the product, purposely filmed remotely in order to give further heighten the contents authenticity.

Working closely with Flare Audio to understand their brand values and target audience, we crafted a visual narrative that reflected their unique identity and product line.


The technology behind EARS is somehow both complex and simple at the same time. A key challenge was finding visually engaging ways to explain this technology and so we utilised a combination of visual props and motion graphics. The visual props were a unique approach to explaining sound-waves but proved highly effective.

The result: EARS smashed its funding target by 200%


Check out the Indiegogo page here.

Crowdfunding video videographer

Key Stats

Flare Audio: Ears

Flare Audio: Ears

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"We’re always excited when we get to work with The Film Farmers. Our biggest project to date, showcasing our newest earphone technology, was no exception. The whole process was smooth from our first meeting up to the final video edits. We felt like all ideas were taken into consideration and couldn’t be happier with the end result."

Tom Cass, Flare Audio

Effective crowdfunding videos require a combination of engaging content, clear messaging and compelling visuals. We will work closely with you to understand your brand values, target audience, and work tirelessly to create a video that reflects the unique selling points of your product.


With our expertise in creative storytelling, videography and editing, we can help you create a crowdfunding video that will capture viewers imagination and increase your chances of hitting your fundraising targets.

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