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Educational Videos

The Film Farmers believe in the power of education and how it should be accessible to everyone. Our educational videos help our clients provide unique knowledge to their audience and customers across the world. As a video production company, we work closely with our clients to provide a creative solution and develop engaging and informative content that meets the needs of learners of all ages and backgrounds.

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In addition to our expertise in video production, we also have a great understanding of how to effectively communicate complex ideas and information through video. Importantly, our skills include carefully structuring videos to ensure that the messaging is clear and effective. We can even include motion graphics and animations, made in-house by our amazing video editors, to support the content.

To help emphasise key information, our video editors also designed text motion graphics which helped to visually represent some of the emotions the interviewees were discussing.

The video series with Young Epilepsy was very well received and the films have been viewed thousands of times on a dedicated app used by people with epilepsy. The success of these videos is dependent on a combination of factors which include clear messaging, engaging visuals and compelling storytelling. The engaging visuals were particularly important  as the films were designed to assist young people who’s higher use of social media means that scrolling past content that doesn’t engage with them is all too easy.

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Video Interview
Our team worked along with a charity; Young Epilepsy, to produce an educational video series that provided insights and advice into coping with the condition. One particular video focused on providing practical tips and tricks for managing anxiety, something which can be a trigger for epilepsy.

We worked closely with Young Epilepsy to understand their goals for this series and carefully developed questions to ask contributors which we felt would guide them towards answers closely aligned with the overall narrative of the film. The video included real life stories of young people with epilepsy, the anxiety they experience and how they have learnt to cope with it.
Young Epilepsy: Anxiety
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Educational Video Services

Our educational video production services are an excellent choice for any client that is looking to produce high-quality video content that educates and informs and perhaps most importantly, truly engages with their target audience.

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