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Explainer Video Creation London

Explainer Videos

Are you looking to explain a complex concept or introduce a new product? Our team creates explainer videos that are engaging, informative and visually stunning. Clear and effective communication is critical to the success of explainer videos and we understand precisely how to help businesses to do exactly that.

Explainer Videos that don't bore

We can produce explainer videos for any sector and have experience across healthcare, finance, tech and education. Crucially, our creative writing abilities are what set us apart from the competition. The Film Farmers' creative producers have the ability to turn even the most complex of messages into clear, concise and engaging scripts.

One of our favourite explainer video series we worked on was for Facebook Gaming. Featuring Officer Stealth, a popular streamer on the platform, the videos were designed to explain how to use Facebook Gaming’s creator Studio in order to manage and grow a gaming channel.


Our creative producers wrote the scripts, our director planned the shots and then we worked remotely with Officer Stealth to shoot this premium educational video content. In these films, Officer Stealth gives his tips and tricks on how to use everything from video on demand, reels and even overall content strategy so that viewers can learn how to quickly grow their own gaming channels.

Explainer Videography London

By collaborating with the influencer Officer Stealth, we believe these videos immediately build trust and credibility with the audience. They are a much more engaging way of communicating critical learnings when compared to the traditional motion screen recording and voiceover approach.


Furthermore, for these videos to appeal to the target audience of gamers and tech savvy creators, we used a combination of live-action footage, motion graphics and animation too. This made the videos much easier and more fun to follow, even for viewers that might not be familiar with gaming.

Officer Stealth: How to make great reels

Officer Stealth: How to make great reels

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Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer Video
Creation London

We are passionate about delivering high quality explainer videos that that are genuinely fun to and informative to watch. Our videographers have an excellent track record in this field and are trusted by brands throughout the world to create this content.

If you are looking to explain an innovative idea or promote a new product/service, The Film Farmers creative video services can help. Whether you want to keep it professional and slick or add a comedic approach, we’ll ensure the outcome is awesome!

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