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Instagram Ad Video Production London

Instagram Videos

The potential reach of your advertising videos on Instagram stories is 996 million! If you aren’t posting social video content on Instagram then you are missing out on a huge audience that are actively seeking out entertaining video content. Instagram is the “#1 place to keep up with their favourite brands compared to other platforms.”

Quality Instagram
Ad Videos

The above is great news, but with the vast amount of video content on Instagram, your videos absolutely have to stand out from the herd. That’s where we come in.

Instagram Company Promo Videographer
The Film Farmers know how to create “scroll-proof” content that stops viewers in their tracks, drives engagement and gets your brand noticed. From vertical, square and everything in between, we can make content tailored to all areas of Instagram so that you can maximise your output and increase your chances of reaching your target audience. We’ve even made social content for the actual Instagram, including an international campaign called “Stand Out”, in which we got brands on the platform to meet and share tips on how they make successful content.

For this campaign, we filmed from Paris to Berlin (and every disco we got in) and met with a huge variety of brands ranging from coffee companies, florists and bakers, all of whom had “cracked the code” and were regularly posting content with high levels of user engagement. Their one unifying connection was this: Instagram video content was critical to their marketing success!

Event video for Instagram

Our team of expert videographers, creative producers and editors have studied Instagram extensively; we keep up to date with the latest trends and know how to produce content that reels people in. It’s well known that the modern day scroller has a greatly reduced attention span and so we’ve developed some tried and tested formulas to combat the “urge to scroll.”

We are always testing new techniques to improve these results and love encouraging clients to challenge themselves and experiment with new ideas. Ultimately, 35% of Instagram users will buy something through the platform and so we believe investing our time in this research is hugely beneficial to our clients.

Vertical Instagram video

Instagram Ad
Creation London

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large corporation looking to refresh  your social media presence and drive new engagement, Instagram represents a huge opportunity. The Film Farmers would be delighted to help you capitalise on this and are ready to create some amazing social media content for you!

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