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Tom Farmery filming in Switzerland

The Original
Film Farmer

I'm Tom, founder of The Film Farmers. A self confessed camera nerd and a passionate videographer, I love nothing more than picking up a camera and bringing a story to life.

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Filmmaking became a passion when I first picked up a camera way back in college. Since graduating from Bournemouth University in 2011 (admittedly when I had a slightly better hairline), I've been lucky to call myself a videographer.

Honing my craft as a freelance videographer, I was fortunate enough to travel across the world shooting content for brands I could have never dreamed would have wanted me to work for them. Meta, Michael Kors, Red Bull and and many others all put their trust in me to produce content and I'm proud to still be creating content for many of my original clients to this day.

Tom Farmery Videographer

Creative Video
Production Company

I've been exceptionally fortunate to have filmed such a huge variety of content in my career, from multiple Olympics to conservation documentaries in Kenya. My focus continues to be on delivering exceptional promotional, brand and commercial films for clients across the globe and now I'm better equipped to do so with the expertise of my fantastic video production team.

Founded in 2017, The Film Farmers exists to better connect brands and their audiences. We strive to tell the stories that matter and to do it all through powerful and beautiful cinematography. The team are almost unacceptably talented and continue to push me technically and creatively with every project we undertake and I couldn't be prouder of their achievements to date.

If you've got a story that deserves to be told, we'd be delighted to work with you.


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