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Studio Special Offer

Lights, Camera, Savings!


Ever dreamt of a stunning 2-minute promotional video for your business but without the high price tag? We hear you!

Introducing Studio Share Friday, where instead of paying for a whole day of filming that you don't need, you get to split the costs with other business owners and book our professional team for just an hour instead.

You'll save a whopping 75% on our usual rates and still get to walk away with the same stunning promotional video! It's a no brainer.

Watch the video below to find out how it works.

Small business studio filming

How Does It Work?

Studio promotional video

When is the studio open?

Studio Share Friday takes place on the last Friday of every month. Here's the 2024 schedule:

March 22nd (early for Good Friday)

April 26th

May 31st

June 28th

July 31st

August 30th

September 27th

October 25th

November 29th

December 13th (early for Christmas)

Everything is Included!

Green Screen Studio

Lit by our talented Director of Photography, you'll present to camera in front of a professional green screen. After, our editing wizards can place you in any environment you like to best showcase your business.

Professional Studio Sound

Quality sound is everything! We'll provide you with be broadcast quality wireless lapel and there will also be a professional boom microphone as a backup. Nice!

Professional Video Edit

Our editing pros will deliver your bespoke 2 minute promo film in less than five working days, complete with your logo, animated name card and some slick transitions. 

4K Cinema Camera & Operator

Filmed on the latest 4K Sony cinema camera by our amazing operators, your footage will look absolutely incredible and present your business in the best possible way.


Don't stress about remembering what you want to say. We're throwing in our teleprompter for free so that you can relax and enjoy the experience!

Bonus Social Cuts

We'll even throw in two bonus cuts in vertical and square so that you can share your video across all digital platforms to ensure maximum exposure!

What should I speak about?

Here's just a few ideas!


An introduction to your business


A special offer you'd love to promote


A monthly internal update for your team


Customer testimonials


A product overview

  • How do I prepare what to say?
    Upon booking your slot, we'll send you some example promotional video scripts for services, products and businesses. This will provide you with expert guidance on word count, structure and getting across your key messages. If you get stuck, pop us an email and we'll happily review your script ahead of filming. Once finished, send us your script and we'll have it ready for you in our teleprompter for your filming slot.
  • What should I wear?
    Whatever you feel most comfortable in and whatever best represents you and your business. Feel free to bring a couple of options for the day and we can always advise. We do have a couple of recommendations though: 1. Avoid fine patterns: These can sometimes cause a "moire" effect on camera 2. Avoid non business logos: Clothing with big obvious branding that isn't yours as this will distract from your business
  • Will there be hair and makeup?
    Ok diva! Just kidding, we'll have an anti-shine powder available here should you need. But don't worry, you don't have to use it! Otherwise, please come "camera ready"
  • What green screen background should I have?
    That's totally up to you! We've got a bunch of stock options for different environments but you can also download royalty free images from websites such as Pexels. Make sure the image is high resolution (at least HD or 1920/1080) and please share it with us ahead of your filming date.
  • How do I speak to camera?
    It's easy, just imagine you are talking to a friend. The more relaxed and genuine you are, the better you will come across. Your dedicated director will talk you through everything, helping you to relax and get the very best takes.
  • What if I make a mistake?
    It's absolutely fine! You've got a whole hour to deliver a 2 minute script and so you are totally allowed to make mistakes. We'll be filming in 4K so that we can cut around mistakes, and you can even do a few lines at a time if you find that easier. The important thing is to just relax and enjoy the studio filming experience.
  • Who will be with me on the day?
    You will have a dedicated Film Farmers director with you throughout the whole process. Also in the room will be your editor so that they can get your footage straight away and start on your promotional film!
  • How many people can be on camera?
    We've got space for 2 people to be on camera at a time. This doesn't mean that you can't break up your script between multiple people though, so for example you could have 3 people speaking indidually.
  • Can I bring a colleague to support?
    Absolutely! We've got room for 2-3 people who can sit in. They can absolutely take some behind the scenes photos/videos too. Don't forget to tag us!
  • When are the filming dates?
    Studio Share Friday is available for booking on the final Friday of every month. The only slight variations for this are in March and December when the available studio dates are: - March 22nd - December 13th
  • When do I get to see my film?
    You'll receive your finished film within 5 working days. We'll send you a private Vimeo link where you can view and also download it. It will be professionally colour graded / sound mixed and will also include a quality royalty free music track along with your business logo at the beginning and end of the film. You'll also receive the same video in vertical and square format within this time frame too.
  • Can I use the film wherever I like?
    Absolutely! You own the finished film and can use and share however you like!
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