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Same great service with better prices.

The Film Farmers Inc is our US production company dedicated to capturing sensational content across the pond for our global client base.

We've taken the headache out of finding reliable & affordable videographers in the US by creating what we think is the perfect solution for our clients.


Read on to find out more.

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Our director Tom Farmery has an 01 Visa which means he can live and work in the USA.

This also means he can bring all of the The Film Farmers in-house kit with him, saving you a fortune on expensive kit hire!

Better yet, our Creative Producer Tom Hall also hails from Boston, meaning you've got an in-house expert with extensive experience managing US shoots.

To date, we've completed multiple shoots in New York, Miami and Las Vegas and our videographers are more than happy to film throughout America.

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Hiring crew in the US is expensive! Many solo videographers charge $1,500

per day and most production companies charge even more.

By sending our videographers, you get the same great UK rates with the same incredible results. With no need for a physical office space in the USA, our rates are simply not inflated.

Better yet, because this work is being completed by our US company, you don't get charged VAT!

Hot dogs all round!

video production company london
video production company london


If you are planning a project in the USA we'd love to help you.

From full shoot logistics to comprehensive creative, our wonderful in-house team will make it happen.

Why not pop by our London office for a "cup of Joe" to tell us more?