Celebrating International Women's Day with MTArt & Mytheresa

This month, The Film Farmers team were absolutely delighted to produce a series of films for a collaboration between MTArt and Mytheresa that celebrated remarkable women in fashion & art. Better yet, MTArt donated €10,000 to each of the contributors chosen charities that were highlighted in their films. The inspiring women featured in these films are:

  • Marine Tanguy

  • Noëlla Coursaris Musunka

  • Inès Leonarduzzi

  • Tiffany Bouelle

Capturing these films during the pandemic required careful planning and naturally all social distancing rules were strictly adhered to. The Film Farmers team shot Marine and Noëlla's films in the UK and then organised some of our wonderful partners in Paris to capture Inès and Tiffany.

Here's a look at some of the finished films!

In addition to editing the main four films for each interview, The Film Farmers also cut together shorter deliverables for Instagram Stories and feed posts.

It was such a pleasure to be involved in creating films to showcase such inspiring women and we are incredibly proud of the finished films.

Director & Camera: Tom Farmery

Producer: Alison Hieatt

Camera & Editor: Sam Clayton

Editor: Robin Finetto

Have you got inspiring story about your brand that the world needs to hear? Get in touch today and let's capture the attention of your customers now.

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